Key milestones

  • Creation of ACTIVEH

  • Design of the internship program
  • Initial grant of $1,500 received
  • Recruitment of first 5 members

  • Grant of $6,000 secured
  • Pilot phase of 10 interns completed
  • Start legal recognition process

  • Legal recognition in Haiti
  • First open members recruitment
  • 60 internships completed

  • 100 internships placement
  • Get equivalent status of 501(c)(3)
  • Launch of leadership program

  • Members increased to 250
  • More than 150 internships
  • Total Funding reached $150,000

  • Up to 10,000 volunteer hours
  • 500 participants in training session
  • Up to 60 partners


Our story


Action Toward Initiatives and Volunteering for Education in Haiti (ACTIVEH) is a non-profit organization funded in 2011 by three Haitian students: Daphnee Charles, Ronel Lefranc and Anne Martine Augustin following their participation in the WISE Learners' Voice program with the objectives to mobilize Haitian students to participate in their country development.

ACTIVEH internship and volunteering program is unique :

  • It is the first nationwide internship and volunteering program in Haiti initiated by students for students

  • In addition to providing students with important workforce experience and skills it also creates solid bonds between the local/rural communities and the students community.

  • With university enrollment in Haiti at only 1%, university interns and volunteers are models for the children they work with in vulnerable areas and contribute much-needed skills to organizations that are operating in those areas.

Our volunteers provided more than 10,000 volunteer hours and 96.2% declare that have gained new skills thanks to their volunteering activities.

Our mission is to harness the passion and potential of students as a force of change for Haiti and to develop professional internships and good-will volunteer opportunities for community-development programs in Haiti.

ACTIVEH aims to create an environment where students can:

  • Channel their energy and passion towards voluntary and community activities
  • Put their knowledge at the service of development programs
  • Get practical experiences to better integrate the labor market
  • Develop their skills to reach their full potential

We truly believe that:

  • every young person should have the chance and tools to reach their potential
  • effective and community leadership trigger development
  • youth passion and energy are catalysts for social transformation

ACTIVEH has now three major programs:

A Volunteering and Community Service Program which recruits students from licensed Haitian universities, on a membership basis, and offers members opportunity to engage in a range of leadership, personal and professional development activities.


An Internship Program which aims to identify internship opportunities that can allow Haitian college students to gain practical experience to complement their studies.


A Leadership and Professional Development Program which complements students university curriculum by providing additional training.


ACTIVEH has been determined equivalent to U.S. public Charity

ACTIVEH: was determined by NGOsource to be equivalent to a U.S. public organization since 2015 and has been able to renew its Equivalency Determination certification valid now through September 30, 2020. ACTIVEH is eligible to receive grant from U.S. based institutions.


Main Financial Partner

Financial and Technical Partner

Fiscal Agent and Technical Partner

Reach your full potential

We aim to create the right environment for you and provide you the tools you need to develop your skills.

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For general information about ACTIVEH, please contact us at:

  • info@activehaiti.org
  • +509.4747-8941 / 3334-0738
  • 49, Rue Bois Patate, Canapévert, Port-au-Prince, HT6115

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